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Reliability – One of the Important Factors of Web Hosting

If you are a customer of a web hosting company that is not able to provide you necessary support when the system is down or technical support as well as assistance when you need their services, there are some important things that you should know. Most of the customers are not able to handle these situations, as they do not have the assistance of the right company. Therefore, when you are looking...

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What is PHP Web Hosting?

Basically, PHP web hosting includes PHP support for all its versions by the web hosting company regardless if it is dedicated hosting, managed hosting or shared hosting solution. The most widely used PHP version by blog, website users and developers is the PHP4 and PHP5. Similarly to Microsoft’s ASP – Active Server Pages – PHP is also a server based scripting language. PHP is part of the...

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Overview of Managed Hosting

Managed hosting is relatively new when you compare to the other web hosting solutions. Still, it well worth your attention before you settle on some web hosting service. If you consider that you only have two options in terms of hosting mail and web servers on a shared server or domestically, think again, as there are other solutions as well. Manages hosting solution is yet another available...

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Adult Web Hosting – How does it work?

Adult web hosting is a specific hosting plan, designed for websites that cater for a particular target audience offering adult content. In most cases, adult content includes photos, images, animation, audio and video in various different formats. Basically, all the available media includes explicit (adult) content, which is suitable for adults only. Because of its explicit nature and applicable...

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Dedicated Server Hosting – Explained

As it derives from its name, with a dedicated server hosting the whole server is solely dedicated for the use of your site(s). Your sites, which are hosted by the web server, can use all the available resources of the server, such as memory, disk space, network bandwidth and CPU. Users get full end to end control over the server, along with its storage, hardware, applications, operating system...

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Select Affordable Reseller Hosting Service

If you truly want to start your own web hosting business, you should first understand that the industries competition is quite fierce. There are tons of companies offering rock bottom prices in order be the next big guy in the business. However, for those who are starting off in the web hosting business, it is best to start with a reseller hosting plan, as it will ensure that your start-up costs...

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